Villa Branca Barreiros

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add_circle_outline With a stay of 3 nights of more : Local vineyard guided tour by Gerard
add_circle_outline With a stay of 3 nights of more : Free bottle of wine
add_circle_outline A quick tour of North Portugal: your reason to come!
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Braga, Braga, 253
Braga, the baroque city
add_circle_outline Braga Baroque
add_circle_outline Mercado Municipal, daily, except Sunday
add_circle_outline Want to see some romance between the flowers?
add_circle_outline The new eastern gate to the city of Braga.
add_circle_outline Main central square of town.
add_circle_outline Palace with historical garden en tile panels
add_circle_outline Interested in gold?
add_circle_outline Do not miss the azulejo's in this beautiful palace in centre Braga!
add_circle_outline Can you find the hidden chapel in the church?
add_circle_outline UNESCO world herritage church on the mountain.
add_circle_outline Don't walk up to the mountain: take the historic train.
add_circle_outline There’s a little bit of every architectural movement at the Sé cathedral.
add_circle_outline What's better? The Sanctuay or the view?
add_circle_outline See the city in all of its beauty from above!
add_circle_outline A great visit worth is this monestery with gardes.
add_circle_outline This stadion was build especialy for the European Championship
add_circle_outline 9 Holes pitch and putt golfcourse
Avenida nossa Senhora das Angustias 208, Barreiros, Amares, Braga, 4720-012
Amares - the city where we live!
add_circle_outline Solar das Bouças charges no fee!
add_circle_outline Free dessert or coffee at lunch or supper
add_circle_outline Free walk over the vineyard
add_circle_outline Wine and snacks in the Solar.
add_circle_outline Have diner at Solar das Bouças
add_circle_outline Pastellaria Sao Salvador
add_circle_outline Take a dip from the beach at the river in Barreiros [1 kilometer away]
add_circle_outline Meet the local market business - you do not need to buy!
add_circle_outline Have diner at a cosy bistro in the heart of Amres!
Guimarães, Guimarães
Guimarães, where Portugal was born.
add_circle_outline Where Portugal was born
add_circle_outline Art at the old marketplace
add_circle_outline Guimarães Castle
add_circle_outline Paco de duques
add_circle_outline A big local market, next to the mercado.
Largo do Município, Barcelos, Braga, 4750-323
insert_emoticon Enjoyed by our guests
Centre, Viena de Castelo, Minho
Viana do Castelo - City at the Atlantic and Spanish border
add_circle_outline Beach Praia Forte do Paço
add_circle_outline The historic city of Viana do Castelo
add_circle_outline Seaharbour with park and boulevard
Praça do Município, Avenida Eng. Eduardo Arantes e Oliveira, 62, Esposende, Porto, 4740-204
Esposende, beach and more!
add_circle_outline Challenge your host for a game in Esposende!
add_circle_outline Take a 2- hours private course of kite-surfing 150 each.
add_circle_outline Start your Stand Up Paddle adventure now with Soulkite!
add_circle_outline Esposende golf club.
add_circle_outline Hire a subboard and discover the mouth of the river.
add_circle_outline Become a champ on the board.
add_circle_outline Reservation of 2 at € 30,00 includes a bottle of espumante!
Praça do Município, Vila Verde, Braga, 4730-733
Villa Verde
add_circle_outline Greenstore biological shop and restaurant
Braga, Braga, 1234
National Park Peneda-Gerês
add_circle_outline Peneda-Gerês National Park
add_circle_outline Santuário de São Bento da Porta Aberta
add_circle_outline Several paths in the National Park part Gerês
add_circle_outline A local guide shows you the best of Gerês
add_circle_outline Relax and get clean in historic baths oof Gerês.
Braga, Porto, Guimerães, Barcelos, Opporto
Calling You Tours
add_circle_outline Exclusive local tours in an unexpected way